Our Policy

In an effort to maintain the overall credibility of the accreditation process, we use information from various sources to monitor the sustained capacity and quality of the entities that we accredit.

Therefore, we have established policies and procedures for receiving and addressing written complaints about an accredited member. We can only accept written (email/fax) complaints about an accredited entity of ours, that is specific to a possible lack of professionalism… in the opinion of the complaining party.

We do not serve in the role of mediation between the entity and any party. 

We will investigate the complaint and determine what action, if any, we’ll take against our accredited member. We do not guarantee to find in favor of our accredited member or the complaining party.  We do guarantee the matter will be investigated.

The results & determination are not made public.  If the accredited member has their accreditation revoked, we’ll inform them of how they need to move forward.

Making A Complaint

If you feel you’ve been wronged or treated unfairly by one of our accredited members, please email us.  Explain your side of the story. Although we in no way represent a complaining party legally or act as a mediator – we do have a lot of ‘pull’ when it comes to improving the service rendered by our accredited entities.

In many cases, we’ll have our accredited member file a “Corrective Action Plan” with us.  We then monitor their progress.  In very few cases – we revoke the accreditation.

Hopefully you can see how your input – is very important.

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