Entity / Applicant prepares and assesses readiness for application for accreditation, completes Online Orientation, and informs us of its’ intent to apply.

Entity / Applicants should assess their readiness to pursue accreditation by reviewing the standards, measures, and required documentation to determine areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.  Entity / Applicants should appoint a staff person to be their Accreditation Coordinator and establish a department accreditation team to help prepare for the accreditation process.

We have developed an Accreditation Readiness Checklist to help Entity / Applicants determine if they are ready to begin the application process. The Checklists address eligibility, completion of prerequisites, internal processes, and initial preparation tasks.

Completion of our Online Orientation is required for the Entity / Applicant director and the Entity / Applicant’s Accreditation Coordinator before the Entity / Applicant submits a registration.

Entity / Applicants are encouraged to have several staff members participate in the Orientation, especially those in leadership positions, members of the governing entity, and members of the department’s accreditation team.

The Entity / Applicant must submit a notice to inform us of their intention to apply for accreditation. The notice is non-binding and does not commit an Entity / Applicant to apply.  To submit a notice form, the Entity / Applicant must do so, HERE.

In regards to the entity owners, LLC members, and senior on-site leadership: Felony criminal convictions or misdemeanors involving fraud or financial mistrust issues will result in a denial of application.  It is also cause for a current accreditation to be REVOKED. 


Entity / Applicant submits application and fee, and completes applicant training.

The application is formal notification to us of an Entity / Applicant’s official commitment to initiate the accreditation process. The application is an agreement that the applicant will abide by the current and future rules of our accreditation process, and to achieve and maintain accreditation status for the three-year accreditation period.

Upon receipt of an application, we will invoice the Entity / Applicant. The determined application fee must be submitted to us – before the Accreditation Coordinator can attend training.

Accreditation Coordinators are required to participate in the training before the Entity / Applicant can begin to submit documentation of conformity with our standards and measures. This online training, scheduled quarterly, will last four hours and will be provided to groups of applicants.

Document Selection and Submission

Applicant selects documentation for each measure, uploads it to their assigned Cloud Drive, and submits it to us.

The process of identifying and uploading documents that demonstrate the Applicant’s conformity with the standards and measures is one of the most important components of the accreditation process. The documentation submitted by the Applicant is what our accreditation team will review and use to determine the Applicant’s conformity with the standards and measures.

The Cloud Drive, which accommodates multiple users, allows the Applicant to work on various parts of documentation submission over a period of time. Applicants must submit their documentation to us within 12 months of the date that we provide access to the module of the electronic system for submission of documentation.

Operational Review & Process Verification

Operational review & process verification of the Applicant is conducted by one or more of our trained board members.

The review serves several purposes: verify the accuracy of documentation submitted by the Applicant, seek answers to questions regarding conformity with the standards and measures, and provide opportunity for discussion and further explanation. Reviews will typically last two to three days, depending upon the complexity of the application.

Following the operational review & process verification, our team will develop an Applicant Report.

The report will describe:

— how conformity with each measure was demonstrated, or detail what was missing;

— areas of excellence or unique promising practices, and

— opportunities for improvement.

Accreditation Decision

The Accreditation Committee, appointed by our Board of Directors, will review and determine the accreditation status of applicant Applicants.

There are two accreditation status decision categories: “Accredited” (3 years) or “Not Accredited.”

The Accreditation Committee will make accreditation decisions based on the Applicant Report, including the reported scores and descriptive information. If the Applicant is not accredited, they will have an opportunity to submit an Action Plan.

If the Action Plan is approved by the Accreditation Committee, is implemented by the Applicant, and a second operational review positively assesses the documentation of implementation, then the Applicant could be accredited at that time.

Failure to submit an Action Plan or to implement the approved Action Plan will result in the Applicant being determined “Not Accredited.” There are no fee refunds if determined Non Accredited.

If a decision of “Not Accredited” is determined, the applicant entity may file an Appeal.

Annual Reports

The submission of annual reports is required of all accredited Entities. Annual reports describe how the Entity has addressed areas identified by the Accreditation Committee as priority areas for improvement.

Reports will also state that the Entity continues to be in conformity with all the standards and measures of the version under which accreditation was received.


As accreditation status nears expiration, the Entity applies for re-accreditation.

Each accredited Entity will be required to submit a new application in the re-accreditation process and may be required to receive additional training.

An Entity applying for re-accreditation must participate in the entire accreditation process, including submission of an application and the review/verification process.


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